Friday, December 11, 2009

15 Days of Awe-full Ornaments: Awful is in the eye of the beholder

Awe-full Ornaments Q & A
Since posting the first blog entry of photos a couple of days ago, several questions have surfaced… Here are the most common and of course, your daily dose of awe-ful ornaments.

Q. "Jason, 'awe-full' is spelled incorrectly."
A. Not so. It’s a pun since not all of the ornaments are technically awful. Awful is in the eye of the beholder. However, all of these ornaments are awe-full, meaning they're something special to see. And if you must adorn them on your tree, it's understood that they're best suited for the back side, inner-bottom branches or generally out of public view.

Q. "I have an awe-full ornament that I'd like you to include. How do I get it to you?"
A. I would love to photograph your little treasure. Email me at and tell me a bit about it. This little blurb will accompany the photo and tell the folks viewing the blog why it hasn't hit the trash bin ages ago.
If you live relatively close to me, I'll pick it up from you. Whatever is convenient.
If you live a bit further away, mail your ornament to me via the US Postal Service. I'll shoot it and mail it back to you within a couple of days. I'll even reimburse you for shipping it to me. OK, I may not pay for overnight service unless it's really awe-full! ;)

Q. "Will I get my ornament back in time for Christmas?"
A. Yep, assuming you send it with plenty of time to return it. I'll photograph it and mail it back to you within a couple of days with your mailing cost. Make sure to send it soon to avoid the hectic holiday shipping schedule.

Q. "Can my friends send you their ornaments?"
A. Yep. The more the merrier. Same process applies as above.

Q. "Can you quit blabbering and show us some more awe-full ornaments?!"
A. Here ya go...

This stuffed litte cherub was made in Taiwan. With fine needlepoint like that why wouldn't you put this gem front and center on your tree.

Penguin aboard the S.S. Noel. Ho. Ho. Hooooo... watch your footing there, Penguin.

"K" is for Kristmas???

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