Monday, December 14, 2009

13 Days of Possibly Radioactive Awe-full Holiday Ornaments

Hey folks,
Thanks for the great response to the Awe-Full Holiday Ornament posts. I didn't realize how fun this was going to be. There are more ornaments on the way so stay tuned. Did you know you can have Awe-full Ornaments emailed to you each day? Yep. Just enter your email in the "Subscribe vie email" box on the right. Your email will never be shared with anyone. Ever.

Today's ornaments are true oddities. Actually, I have no idea what they are or were. Hannah handed me a box of ornaments that were set aside under the guise of "not enough room on the tree", but the real reason is that they were too terrible for public display. Her mom had been saving these in the attic for just the right time to pass them on to her daughter (or finally get around to cleaning the attic - which ever came first.). And now here they were, swaddled in pure white tissue paper and placed carefully in a box within a box, except... something had assaulted the snowy white paper leaving reddish brown stains. The substance is unknown at this point in time, but rather than wait for the results from the lab analysis, I did the next obvious thing... photographed them. Quickly.

As I slowly unraveled the paper it soon became apparent that the unknown substance in question had interacted with the paperclip being used as an ornament hook causing it to rust. Instead of donning gloves, mask and hazmat suit, I unraveled more until I made the horrifying discovery seen below.

The only recognizable substance is the walnut shell. Oh, and the paperclip. As for the forms and fillings??? We just don't know. They must have been pure evil from the start because Hannah doesn't even recall making these. She was clearly possessed. If anyone has seen or heard of similar findings, I suggest you contact the authorities.

Our only holiday wish this year is that they'll declare our house a safe zone again and start letting the neighbors back into their homes in time for Christmas.

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