Friday, March 13, 2009

Your Help = Free Fine Art Print

I need your help! So how about a little contest?

Hey gang - So I'm in the midst of beginning a new venture... No, it's not Amway :)

It's called and it's an online art gallery featuring fine art images. As the name suggests, many of the images are wine country inspired - beautiful landscapes of rolling hills, vineyards swathed in misty morning fog, close-ups and abstracts of delicate vines, and photojournalistic photos of harvest and wine making.

And in the vain of those late night infomercials..."Wait there's more!!!"

There is also a gallery of "Beyond Wine Country" photos. I do get out of town once and a while, and always take a camera to bring home some of the wonder found in this great big world of ours.

OK, here's where you come in...

I'm having a logo made for the website and other collateral and am having a hard time choosing a design. I only get to pick one, and whomever helps me pick the final version will get a print of their choosing. Each person who picks the same design as me will get a free fine art print**.

Here's how it works:

Check out the designs on my Facebook page and pick your one favorite design. You only get one shot at this, so choose wisely. Click the word "Like" or the "thumbs up" icon to indicate you like that design or leave a comment saying you like it. Remember, only vote on one design.

In a week, I'll make my final decision and you'll receive a print in the mail shortly after you pick a print you'd like. Good deal, huh?

Here's a preview of some designs (in no particular order of importance):

See all the designs here:

Thanks for reading and for your help!


** The fine print (no pun intended)

- If your choice is the winning design, I'll send you a free 11"x14" fine art print of your choosing. Visit to view the images and let me know which one you'd like.
- Multiple votes will be disqualify you. Only pick one design.
- Recipient is responsible for matting, framing and enjoying their print.
- This is a totally free contest. I don't want any money, unless you want to buy a print for someone you love. (They will love you more if you do!)
- This little contest is sponsored by me and none of your information will be shared with anyone. It'll be our little secret!
- You are welcome to send this to a friend.


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