Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Cool...

Make that two cool – things to tell you about, that is. Sorry for the silliness, I’m just very excited to share a couple of new things with all of you.

First, I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with an organization called Flashes of Hope this October in San Francisco.

What is Flashes of Hope? Their website (http://www.flashesofhope.org/) says it best…

“Flashes of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating powerful, uplifting portraits of children fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The portraits, taken by award-winning photographers, help children feel better about their changing appearance by celebrating it. For families of terminally ill children, it's especially important to have a portrait that preserves forever the beauty, grace and dignity of their child.

For a few moments, it doesn't seem like a hospital. Children who haven't wanted to get out of bed are suddenly laughing and smiling. And, nurses take a break from administering medicine to join in the fun.

Each month our volunteers transform hospital playrooms, waiting areas and even hallways into photography studios. Talented make-up artists help the children and their moms look and feel their best. Then each child is photographed individually and with their closest supporters - siblings, parents and often a favorite nurse.

Each family is presented with framed enlargements, proofs and a CD of all the images so they can make additional prints. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, all services are provided free of charge.

A Flashes of Hope portrait is much more than a picture on the wall. It's an indescribable treasure that forever preserves the grace, dignity and beauty of each child.”

I’m extremely excited to volunteer for this project. October won’t come soon enough! Check out some of the great portraits on the website – http://www.flashesofhope.org/ – they’re sure to warm your heart.

PS – If you are, or know of a makeup artist that feels like volunteering, please let me know.

Now for a completely unrelated item…

I’m in the Backseat of nearly every NYC Taxi!

That’s right I’m back in NY or at least my photography is. If you’ve been in a New York City cab lately, chances are you’ve seen some of my work! No, I’m not graffiting the backseat. The Napa Valley Vintners will be touring the Big Apple and tri-state area pouring world-renown Napa Valley wines. One promotion has been the following clip playing in taxis featuring my Napa Valley photographs.

Take a look:

Interested in attending one or more of the wine tasting events? Visit http://www.napavintners.com/ and follow the links to New York. You can also check out more of my work in their photo galleries.

Thanks for reading!


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brianamariephotography said...

that's fantastic Jason...eager to hear more!
I would love to do something like that as well... you rock as always!