Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New client work: Mumm Napa

Set along the Silverado Trail in Rutherford Napa Valley lies Mumm Napa - one of my favorite wineries to visit. Aside from making some scrumptious sparkling wines (no, it's not Champagne, unless it comes from Champagne, France!), they have a great tasting room/patio that boasts one of the best views of the valley floor and they're dog friendly - woof! As if that wasn't enough for ya, they also have an amazing collection of original Ansel Adams photographs.

I can't tell you how many times I've wandered through their gallery admiring the photos of the late master, sipping bubbly and feeling inspired. Currently, Adams' work is on display in China having been replaced with other amazing photos and sculpture, but I'm sure it'll return soon. Actually, I have no idea when it returns. You'll have to give them a ring... :)

About the shoot:
As they seem to do every year, Mumm donates their award winning wine to Auction Napa Valley. This year, they've donated a 10 year vertical of their DVX sparkling wine to the e-auction of Auction Napa Valley, an online EBay style auction that draws bidders from around the globe.

The photo of the wine bottles will be used as a piece of eye-candy to promote their lot online and through other marketing collateral.

While they'll only use one, I thought it'd be interesting to also demonstrate how a photo evolves when shooting. Often times, I'll start out with one concept and after working to refine it, the final photo presents itself. In this case, I think the cropped-in image of the wine glasses with the oldest vintage bottle works the best.

Take a look...

Mumm Napa wine bottle photography by Jason Tinacci

Mumm Napa wine bottle photography by Jason Tinacci

And my favorite of the bunch...
Mumm Napa wine bottle photography by Jason Tinacci


ps - Interested in bidding in the Auction Napa Valley e-Auction? Visit the Napa Valley Vintners' website to check out the other fabulous lots and register. The auction opens on May 9, 2010... Don't miss it!

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