Friday, December 18, 2009

Awe-Full Holiday Ornaments

This next batch of Awe-Full Holiday Ornaments comes from the Corcoran family archives. Dody graciously shared a box of preciously preserved  ornaments - many of which were hand-made by her daughter and my good friend, Kat.

Thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity to share these treasures with the world.

Unwrapping the Corcoran family ornaments...

Front and back of the hand-colored bird.

Tree topper - one of my personal faves.

Front and back of styrofoam or toasted bread bell. You decide.

Delicate yet functional... Ever read the Q-Tip swab box? It boasts dozens of uses. Here is one they may have missed. Better make it a baker's dozen!

It's like a really realistic flower or something.

Red ball, Kat's teeth marks. Green ball, dog's teeth marks. No, seriously. Kat bit the red one and their puppy chewed the green ball.

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1 comment:

ceebee said...

I like that toasted bell ornament. Looks edible.