Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I’m a lousy blogger.

But I can change… Really, I can! C'mon... Gimme another chance!

It’s been a while since my last post and much has happened. Many photos were taken. Fun was had. Interesting people were met. New lands were visited. And I didn’t share any of it! Sorry about that. Allow me to fill you in – photographically speaking…

Let’s start with some recent work and work backwards, shall we?

Client work: Laura Chenel Chevre Blossom - I love working with the wonderful staff at Laura Chenel’s Chevre. They’re a fantastic group to work with and not because they send me home with delicious goat cheese products.

Recently, we worked on their latest product called Blossom. It’s a wonderful hockey puck-sized ring of creamy chevre with a center filled with one of three fillings – sun dried tomato and roasted red peppers, fig and olives, or my favorite, basil and olive oil. I’m actually noshing on some as I write this. Jealous? Yeah, I bet you are ;)

Look for Blossom and other delicious goat cheesy goodness from Laura Chenel’s Chevre at a fine food store near you.

Laura Chenel Chevre's Blossom - view more food photography by Jason Tinacci

To view more food photography, visit the newly redesigned,

Next week... the editing of a portfolio. I'm revising my portfolio and letting you in on what's normally a pretty personal process for me. In a nutshell, I look over all my photos, select a group of a few hundred, spread 'em all over the floor, paste them to a wall, and whittle them down to a batch of 40 something images to be put into a printed portfolio and website.

And yes, Nestle helps pick the photos.

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